In November 1982 a small group of Pug friends, including a few Pug breeders held a meeting and founded the Belgian Pug Dog Club. Ingrid Mylemans was asked to be the President. She accepted under one condition: Right from the start, the Pug Welfare had to function in the Club. To be recognized by the Société Royale Saint Hubert the Club had to draw out the rules. At the same time a Code of Ethics was set up. A few months later, in 1983, the Belgian Pug Dog Club was recognized by the Union Cynologique Royale Saint Hubert. During the years the club had a few changes in the committee because people may accept a committee seat with the very best intentions but life does not always permit them to go on with their good work. Marie Thérèse and Jacques Tilkin were very hard working committee members. When Jacques died very untimely the club lost a very estimable member. Marie Thérèse continued her work for the "Welfare Shop" until Mr Lamaille took over. Marie Thérèse and Baudouin Lamaille always had a place for a rescue Pug and more than one never left their home. Due to illness Mr Lamaille had to resign. For some years the Welfare shop was kept by the President, Mrs Mylemans and volunteers helped to put up the stall and with the sales. At this time Sammy Baert, with the help of his wife Brigitte, is responsible for our Welfare stall.

Mrs Maggie Pardaens was our secretary for many years, she also was the editor of our Bulletin. For some time she had to cope with health problems. She did her job until we found a new secretary. Mrs Thérèse De Bruyn tried her very best but resigned after some time. Mr.Luc Vangeel,  was so kind to accept the very demanding task to be the secretary of the Belgian Pug Dog Club. He was very glad when Mrs Brigitte Baert accepted to be our Bulletin editor. She is also the Vice President of the Club.

Mr Frans Van Looy is the treasurer since many years. He is also the treasurer of the French Bulldog Club. Mrs Ingrid Mylemans is also the president of the French Bulldog Club. The two Clubs do work very well and some activities are for the two breeds together.

Our Webmaster Mr.Stephan Bogaert will  take care of the BPDC site.

Our Cupsteward, Mr Patrick Huybrechts, makes sure the Pugs get the most beautiful trophies at the shows.

Greet Weyns is responsible for the Welfare. She gets help from all the other committee members because when a Pug needs help it is the responsibility of all Pugfriends.

This history of the Belgian Pug Dog Club is a résumé of 25 years and will need dating up after a few years.